Download 2013

Mud and music, tents and cans
Booze a plenty, pots and pans
Greasy burgers, or a crepe??
Buy a bong, or buy a cape.
Miles of walking, trainers dead
Sit and watch the bikes instead
Dancers, wailers, jugglers too
Unfortunate slight smell of poo
Rain is threatening; sunshine wins!
Someone please empty those bins…
Here is what it’s all about
This is why we scream and shout
Maiden, Rammstein, Slipknot too
Mastadon and Karnivool
Bullet for my Valentine
Also here to have a whine
See the Hives in shirts and suits
Stomp along in new rock boots.
Korn and Papa Roach remind
That moshing’s the way to unwind.
Gogol Bordello make you wear
Purple- at least your underwear.
Jimmy eats the world and Queens
Rule the Stone age. so it seems.
Alice, yeah she’s still in Chains
Fighting with Rise to Remain.
And when the crowd gets what it loves
The noise is deafening; from above
The people seem just like a sea
Swirling, swaying rhythmically
For what we must make really clear
Is everyone is really here
For all this music; all these bands
And maybe (just maybe) to get a little out of hand.


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