Quiet Compere- I’m performing!

Quiet Compere Tour – Leeds – Seven Arts – 27th June

Sarah L Dixon, The Quiet Compere of Manchester, is taking her unique show on the road in 2014. Her tour will visit 12 cities with over 120 poets performing altogether.

The tour brings together a diverse selection of poets of all ages, cultures styles and experience, designed to entice an audience that may have experienced Spoken Word events before. Sarah has been running Spoken Word events under her guise as The Quiet Compere for three years, staging events in her home-town Manchester, Cheltenham and Leeds, the best known of which is Post Box Poets held in Chorlton.

Quiet Compere events are unique. There are no lengthy introductions to poets, no-one is designated as ‘top-of-the-bill’ – all performers considered equal in Sarah’s eyes. Each line-up boasts a varied and diverse mix of poets, ranging from established local poets, some new to the scene who are ready to stun audiences with their talent, plus a generous sprinkling of nationally well-known poets and performers.

Leeds Line-up (tickets £3 http://www.ticketsource.co.uk/event/54024)

Mike Barlow
Emma Decent
Ian Duhig
Bob Harding-Jones
Steve O’Connor
Caleb Skylab Parkin
Mabh Savage
John Siddique
Rommi Smith
Martin Vosper

About Sarah L. Dixon
A piece about Sarah’s wedding in the style of a Post Mortem report was awarded the acpNews First Prize in Journalism 2007. She has been published in The Ugly Tree, Rain Dog, Yorkmix and Cahoodaloodaling. Sarah L Dixon worked for the NHS 17 years before decided to channel her skills and considerable energy into corralling poets into some sort of order. Sarah not only promotes Spoken Word events, but offers regular writing workshops in the North-West, some of which are aimed specifically at hard-pressed parents of young children – of which she herself happens to be one..

Praise for Sarah L. Dixon

“Sarah’s creative energy and enthusiasm are legendary. She encourages and gives a platform to fellow poets. Where would we be without her?”
Carole Bromley, Poet and editor of Yorkmix

”Post Box Poets has a rare and lovely gentleness.”
John Darwin, Host of Write Out Loud, Sale, Manchester

“Sarah L Dixon pulls together a diverse but well-blended group of poets with contrasting styles to create a sparkling evening’s entertainment.
Peter White, Poetry by HEART, Leeds

For more Information please contact Sarah L Dixon, The Quiet Compere at thequietcomperemcr@gmail.com Follow on Twitter @QuietCompereMCR or call on 07743685221

Quiet Compere Tour 2014
The Quiet Compere Tour is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

Sarah L Dixon


January 31st Manchester
February 28th York
March 21st Birmingham
April 26th Kendal
May 30th Liverpool
June 27th Leeds
July 24th Newcastle
August 22nd Blackpool
September 26th Sheffield
October 26th Lancaster
November 3rd Chester
December 7th Stockport

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