Quiet Compere- Anything but quiet!

What an amazing night at Seven Arts last night. Ten poets plus our esteemed Quiet Compare herself, Sarah L Dixon. We had humour, music, dance, sorrow, love and gratitude in an atmosphere of pre-weekend anticipation shared with talented people.

It was truly a smorgasbord; a veritable vernacular buffet. From villanalles to violent outbursts of silent protest, and morris dancing to musings on current events, there was no end to the themes and styles wrought by stylus and pen this night.

In a mad, last minute change of set, I read an excerpt from my book, A Modern Celt, which is interspersed with poetry inspired by Celtic themes. I sandwiched my set between the two halves of Post Hill, a true story set among the gorgeous wilds of this local beauty spot.

There should be some photos up online soon so I’ll link to these as soon as they are available. If you have a Quiet Compere event near you, I highly recommend going along. Whatever your taste, you are bound to find something to whet your wordy appetite.

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