Morgan Daimler: Fairy Witchcraft


Sometimes there are authors that as a reader, you just instantly connect with. Their words resonate with something deep within, and as you hop the stepping stones from page to page it is your own river you are crossing.

Morgan Daimler is such an author for me. Every time I see a new title from her, I’m first drawn in by the subject matter, then kept rapt by her easy going yet deeply spiritual and informative style.

Some of you will have read my interview with Morgan, which occurred just after I had read her fantastic Pagan Portals: The Morrigan, Meeting the Great Queens. It’s no secret that I’m fascinated with The Morrígan and have been since I was a child. There are many tomes about this elusive goddess, but few as all encompassing as this short but excellent introduction.

Morgan has returned with another volume in the Pagan Portals series, this time on Fairy Witchcraft. Tagged A Neopagan’s Guide to the Celtic Fairy Faith, this sounds right up my street. I know that Morgan knows her stuff when it comes to Celtic ways and the true nature of the Fae.

She warns us

‘it is best to remember that they are not the twee little things of pop culture.’

This is always my first fear: that any book claiming to be about fairies will be more Tinkerbell than Tuatha Dé Danann. Fairies are not to be taken lightly; they are not helpful little forest folk and they certainly won’t take any crap from anyone!

I’m really looking forward to reading through Fairy Witchcraft, and as soon as I’m done watch this space for an in depth review. For a taster, visit Morgan’s Fairy Witchcraft Blog, or simply dive in and buy the book here.


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