My Sacred Space

This is a small part of my sacred indoor space. This particular section is dedicated to the Morrigan, and at times Badb, Macha and Nemain. Sometimes they come together; sometimes they are one; sometimes they are separate beings.

The skull reminds me of my own mortality, but also of our interconnectednesss with all other life. The Morrigan was closely associated with cattle, so I hope she forgives this sheep skull, which doesn’t speak too loudly to her own tales. It does, however, remind me of how close she is to death, and her ability to transform into one animal then another, and never to take any living thing for granted because of this.

The crow is her bird. It is Badb, flying across the battlefield. It is Nemain, shrieking until warriors fall dead. It is mystery, magic, and intelligence mixed with mischief.

The ribbons are the colours that I most closely associate with Irish Celtic magic; red for blood, the visceral, and the sign of magic about to happen. Black for boundaries and liminality. White for creatures from the underworld. These ribbons are entwined with green, and form a success charm that my parents made for me.

Please feel free to ask questions!

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