The Cold Moon

So it’s that special, magical time when I’m awake at 2am. Ah, that good old full moon energy. It’s been a crazy week, in a crazy month, in a full on lunatic (pardon the pun) year. I know I’m not the only one who has felt it. By a long stretch.

The Cold Moon sounds chilling and forbidding, but it’s also reminding us to rest, to recuperate; to take stock of what we have got and bring it close around us. The term Cold Moon is generally thought of as a Native American moniker, although different tribes also called it the Moon of Hard Times, or the Moon of the Dark Night, because of course we are approaching the solstice.

In Britain we often refer to December’s full moon as the Oak Moon, which is possibly a throw back to the Celtic reverence for the Oak, and it’s symbolism of strength and steadfastness, which may be required to take on the coldest of the winter months.

The oak tree also reminds us of family (of blood and choice); though the branches may be spread wide indeed, the trunk remains rooted in the same earth. 

May your hearth fires be warm this winter, gathering those you love, and may your festivities be as bright as the beautiful, cold, super December Full Moon.

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