September Pagan Pages Now Up!

Hello all, I Trismegistiahope you are enjoying the first touches of autumn and the first tentative fingers of the fall. Our lawn is already dotted with yellow birch leaves, and the odd ink cap that appears magically overnight. The blackberries are dragging the brambles low to the ground with their lucious, loaded weight, and doves and wood pigeons fight over their delicious bounty.

While it gets a bit cooler outside, you might want to stay in the warm and catch up on some reading. With that in mind, here is this month’s Pagan Pages, packed full of entertaining and informative tid-bits for your enjoyment.

There’s a magical tale from Ian Elliott, the new feminist column from Susan Morgaine, and Imelda Almqvist writes about painting, as well as regular columns Crystal Connections, Good God! and my own Notes from the Apothecary, which this month takes a more dangerous turn as I look at the deadly Aconite.

I was also lucky enough to be introduced to some new Pagan music over the summer, so please check out my review of Trismegistia, and my interview with Daniel Faria, the brain child of this mystical music project.

May your autumn be warm and fruitful!


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