Solstice Thoughts

Winter Sunrise, copyright M Savage 2017

I’m not blogging extensively over the solstice period as I’m terribly sleep deprived and using the few spoons I have left to me to spend time with family. However, whilst cleaning my altars last night, a few thoughts and ideas came to me that I may expand upon for future blogs:

1) The masks we wear, and how they are not always a bad thing.

2) Sowing seeds of kindness in hopes of trees of compassion.

3) The importance of family, including the family we choose for ourselves.

4) The connection between the MorrĂ­gan and livestock; not just cattle.

5) Celts and their sheep and maybe goats.

Also I was thinking I should really get back to reading more. Commitments made before the gods are taken seriously; this morning I was given ‘The Hidden Life if Trees’ and through the post arrived a lovely, glossy book on sigils that I’m to review for Pagan Pages. That’s my reading sorted!

A blessed solstice to all.

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