NaPoWriMo Day Three: Sacred Crossroads

Wandering, feet finding their own way

Over treacherous stones

Sucking mud puddles

Velvet grass, chomped short

By sheep.

The wood, the fields, the ditches

Are my pathways

To walk without interference

From my unruly mind.

These shoes have seen a lot

Fights, nights out, outings, things

Beyond understanding

Rituals and dreams

Schemes of higher beings

These shoes have stepped into circles

And out of this world.

Through incense smoke and stones

Real life cushions, mental thrones

Mind palaces and homely hovels

Head held high while conscience grovels

Most things are hard most days,

That’s why we pray

Make covens

Light candles

Walk between the oak and the birch

My sacred crossroad, calling.

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