Luke Eastwood: How to Save the Planet

Let me start by saying that this kind of primer is absolutely essential. We know climate change is a serious issue. We know humans have the biggest impact on the planet. As a society, we understand this. But on an individual level, I think our understanding has that surreal kind of disconnection that means we don’t quite get that it means us. You. Me. Everyone. We all have to change and we all have to change now. Luke’s book is not only a way to reconnect with this truth but guidance on exactly how to do this.

How to Save the Planet is handily split into ten simple steps. Just reading the contents page isn’t enough though. Luke takes each point and expands upon it, exploring the collective sense of denial I touched upon above but more importantly explaining why each action is vital and the impact it will have.

For example, buying less stuff isn’t just an individual’s impact on natural resources and their own carbon footprint, but about sending a message to manufacturers and retailers that demand is dropping and they should make less and offer less in the first place.

Luke also considers reducing the amount of meat we consume- from a meat lover’s perspective. Too often, people presume that everyone preaching “eat less meat” has been vegan for decades and “doesn’t understand” the need for animal-based protein. Luke, like myself, enjoys eating fish and meat but recognises that the meat industry is not only bad news for the animals we eat, but for the wider environment. Eating less meat is achievable and I think hearing that message from an actual meat eater has the potential to have a much more powerful impact among die-hard carnivores.

Luke touches on issues which can be very controversial: family size, travel, and our responsibilities as humans to campaign for a better world. These can be emotional topics, but the more we open up a healthy debate about them, the closer we get to a genuine societal realisation that we can make changes and those changes really will make a positive difference to this amazing planet.

I’m going to read this book to my husband and kids and I’m going to give copies, digitally purchased of course, to all my friends. Please, take a look inside and realise that you are so important and vital and integral to our planet’s survival. You really can help save the world. And so can we all.

Buy Luke’s book here.

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