NaPoWriMo Day 19: ASMR

I decided to write about things I love

Things that move me

Change me

Settle me

Heartily aware

Of the potential narcissism


But here we go…


Sits in my heart

A triumph of tingles

From my scalp to my toes

I get the whole range

The tickly head

The shivers down the neck

The goose-bumps across the back

There’s no knack

You either feel it

Or you don’t

And it makes me so happy

That I do

So thank you JoJo




Thank you for treading Softly in Galoshes

Or keeping the Rift Ephemeral

Thank you for Red’s Whispers

Woodland walks

Lakeside talks

Antique shops

Ticking tapping clocks

And catalogues

And brushes for canvases and faces

And all those different, fascinating places

Thank you for my sleepy feels

Thank you, Goodnight Moon.

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