I go to bed in daytime now

The night is so passé

The songbirds are my lullaby

The sunrise lights my way

To sleep, perchance to dream, I hope

Though not of recent times

Of angst and shopping trips gone mad

Of social distance lines

Or folks who fight ‘gainst masks

Like they’re a suffocating fiend

Who push in front in Asda

Where you just were gently leaned

Who ball you out for chatting

And the reasonable things you did

While bubbled with their mum, their gran

Their cousins and their kids.

Slag off the righteous protestors,

Fighting hard for their rights

But turn the other cheek to crowds

On beaches, covered in shite.

Who see Cummings and goings

As a necessary risk

While littering the beauty spots

On walks deemed less than brisk

Beating up poor families

In parks and woods all over

But piling in the car to head

Down south and ruin Dover.

I wish I wasn’t human

When I read this poem back

And this is just a snippet

Of the rubbish, of the flack;

So I sleep in the daytime now

I drink the night away

And pray to passing birds

We’ll surely find

Another way.

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