Elemenpals: Our New Favourite Story

Have you ever wondered about introducing the elements to your children? Or how to get them enthused with nature? I don’t expect my kids to follow in my footsteps religiously, but I’d love for them to develop an appreciation for the world around them, and for their own sense of spirituality, as a source of comfort and resilience – which we need now more than ever!

That’s why I was so thrilled to read Debi Gregory’s book, The Elemenpals: Meet the ‘Pals!, and discover that this beautifully illustrated and gorgeously written volume introduces children to elements of nature both large and small, plus emotions, playfulness, and a sense of inclusivity that’s rare if not non-existent in most other books for children.

Here’s what I had to say in my initial review:

“Quality books for Pagan children or children growing up in Pagan families are a little thin on the ground, especially when it comes to early readers. This imaginative and adorable creation fills that gap beautifully, with a gang of elemental beings who spark the desire to learn about the world and nature. I showed this book to my nine-year-old and my one-year-old, and they both loved it. The nine-year-old related to the emotions displayed by the Elemenpals, and was immediately excited to know what further adventures they would be embarking on. My one-year-old found it soothing and was very interested in the pictures; it was a lovely way for us to bond together. This beautifully illustrated and engagingly written book is for any parent who wants to gently introduce the ideas of the elements, nature, reverence for our planet and even healthy expression of emotions.”

I wrote this last year, after being lucky enough (thanks Debi!) to get a sneak peek at the book. I now have two copies; the now ten-year-old has stolen one, and my toddler insists it’s “MY STORY” every time I pick it up. She loves the emotions, and is always telling me which ‘Pal is grumpy, or happy, and I think she knows the book off by heart now.

I’m hoping to do a reading of the story on the Pagan Federation Children and Families Group towards the end of this month. The group runs weekly threads for kids and families, promoting the sharing of resources for Pagan families and suggesting fun ideas, so come along and join in!

Above all, get your copy of Elemenpals if you have kids, know kids, are a kid, or are involved in any groups or settings involving youngsters who would benefit from a fresh and inclusive introduction to nature, the elements, and the world around us.

Did I mention you can colour the pages in? Because you can!

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