NaPoWriMo Day 2 – Stillness

I’m currently building a deeper relationship with my tutelary deity, an Mórrígan, based on studies with the Irish Pagan School and my own observations and experience. One tool I’m using is a deck of oracle cards by Morpheus Ravenna and Hannah Storyteller called The Morrigan’s Oracle, and many poems this month will be based on the titles of these cards. I shall try and include pictures, when I remember!

How many times she has told me


How many times they shout

From their papery prison

Voices heard by means of escape

Open the doors

Let them out


Sitting in my hand

Then on the skull,

The jar

The wand

Resting there on my altar


Yet in my mind I fail

To embrace their message

Is it any wonder

This time

The card comes out


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