NaPoWriMo Day 4 – Piety

Red Kite, Harewood, photo by me.

It’s not easy, being green

She laughs, and tosses hair of flame

Whilst directing me to clean up

Alder trees


Abandoned buddleia

Whilst nudging me up the hillside

Starting compost piles

Feeding the birds

And not just the “pretty” ones

As I place bacon fat

On the grass

And duck inside away

From probing beaks

Of magpies, crows

Jackdaws now the spring has

Yes, sprung

And today, a kite

A red kite

Tail forked in flight

But straight and serene

Sitting on my fence

A bird once considered

Nothing but a pest

Then a rubbish cleaner

Scavenger extraordinaire

Now a valued member

Of our ecosystem

We learn, we understand

She sits, she eats, she leaves

My garden is clean, her babies are fed

I nod to the sky

To the land

To the liminal spaces between

To Her

And while I wonder

About honour and worship

A pair of robins

Start a home


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