Moon Day Mondays

Waxing Crescent – First Quarter

Last night it seemed so bright and strong

A bow of light

A bower capable of

Lifting the world

As I glided home along motorways

Lokabrenna searing my eyes

By my side the whole way

Orion’s companion

A torch of hope and clarity.

Today I feel like the curvy deliciousness

Though fatter and seemingly firmer

Is a fragile beast

Barely keeping together

Fighting through clouds

Of miscommunication

Battling light pollution

Too many egos

Too many cooks

Spoiling the broth

Putting salt instead of sugar

In my already weak tea

What a baffling phase this is

Tentative and changeable

Sat upon its curve and swinging, swinging

A hopelessly beautiful hammock

Oh just let me sleep.

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