Earth Day 2022

Did you know Earth Day has been celebrated since 1970? Earth Day reminds people once a year that our planet needs us to be stewards, to be custodians, to protect and care for the planet as well as we can.

My new book, Practically Pagan: An Alternative Guide to Planet Friendly Living, addresses this in terms of spirituality – making small changes to the way Pagans and other spiritual folks practice their daily faith rituals, from the ethical sourcing of tools to not trampling the countryside in search of peace. Of course, people of all faith paths (or none) can and should take action to look after our planet, and to halt the progress of climate change before it’s too late. Small daily changes you can make include:

  • If you’re able, walk short distances instead of driving
  • Contact your local MP on community environmental issues, such as the closure or destruction of parks and other green spaces
  • Vote Green or vote for the representative that supports the most ethical and planet friendly policies – always check that whoever you vote for isn’t just greenwashing i.e. ineffective green policies or using environmental policies to distract from other, not great policies!
  • Recycle whatever you can
  • Reuse whatever you can – I’m not advocating filling your house with rubbish, but so many jars, bottles, pieces of fabric from clothes that can’t be donated, and even cardboard boxes can get practically “upcycled” rather than ending up in landfill
  • Compost
  • Feed the birds
  • Grow flowers or let native plants flourish to help bees and other insects
  • Follow the countryside code e.g. stay on paths in wooded areas to protect wildlife
  • Switch lights off
  • Turn devices off where possible
  • Lobby corporations with poor environmental policies – sign petitions, send letters, or simply act with your wallet by refusing to buy from companies that act in bad faith when it comes to protecting our world

What will you do this Earth Day and beyond to help make a difference to our planet? She really needs our help!

P.S. the link to my book above is for the Amazon Kindle e-book but if you boycott Amazon you can also buy it at UK, an organization that ensures independent bookstores in the UK get a fair cut.

Organizations doing great work for the environment and nature:

Please feel free to leave ideas and links to other organisations in the comments. Happy Earth Day!

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