Platinum Crumbs

I shower then dry off

My armpits carefully

Soaking up each drop of moisture

With a scratchy towel

Ready for more moisture

Drying and soothing

Only to be rolled over

With wet, smelly goo,

Designed to keep my

Sweat at bay

Roll over my skin and

Keep my offensive nature

At bay.

While in the Houses and Palaces

They dry our tears with flags

And jewels

And fires

And prizes

And patriotism

Ready to roll over us

With crushing



Rights for one

But not for that one


Cutting us like a trifle

Like a platinum pudding

Where the Houses get a bowlful

And we get the crumbs.

I clutch my towel

Dab at the tears in my eyes

Grit my teeth

And carry on.

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