Plastic Free July – Planet Friendly Candles!

Did you know it’s Plastic Free July? Excess plastic that gets wasted is destroying our oceans and other habitats, and even ending up in our food and water – gross, right?

You can do your part by cutting down on single-use plastic items or even refilling a water bottle rather than buying plastic ones. We’ve started using a plastic free grocer plus we engage with a food waste initiative – more to come on that in future blogs. I also try and make sure any consumables I buy are as plastic-free as possible, including my packs of candles and other fragrance items.

You might not know this, but I’m a PartyLite affiliate and one of the reasons is that I love candles and these are the best I’ve found, environmentally speaking (other than making your own!). PartyLite’s 3-wick candles all come in durable, reusable glass jars – they even come with loose fitting lids so they’re ideal for storage or regifting. A popular gift is a clean 3-wick jar filled with tealights! Plus, because the wax is so high-quality and long lasting with a clean, even burn, you don’t need to replace your candles as often which reduces your carbon footprint. The packaging is low-ink, plain brown card, and completely recyclable. I genuinely recommend them to anyone wanting a higher quality candle that helps cut down on plastic waste.

Image shows a cream background and a green leaf border, text reads “plastic free July: reusable glass jars, recyclable packaging, long lasting wax”

More info on Plastic Free July here:

You can see the full PartyLite range at and if you make a purchase, I get a commission as an affiliate.

Want more ways to be kinder to Planet Earth? Grab my latest book, Practically Pagan: An Alternative Guide to Planet Friendly Living. Just £4.99 on Kindle right now!

Image shows a green book cover with leaves on the background, yellow text reads: “Practically Pagan: An Alternative Guide to Planet Friendly Living” and the author’s name is in white text

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