Heit – Resolution

I began learning Icelandic in 2022 and today I learned that the word for resolution is “heit”, which I thought was “hot” so maybe one of my resolutions should be to step up my language practice…

Resolutions. Things we promise to ourselves. Commitments. Intentions. As someone with ADHD and a tendency towards pathological demand avoidance, resolutions can be anathema, as the moment I feel I “have” to do something, I kind of shut down and will do literally anything else instead.

(Pingu on a chair with his arms crossed saying “well now I am not doing it”)

Languages, for example. I learn several at a time, because when I can’t do Spanish, I can do Greek or Icelandic instead. I procrastinate over one by working on another. For some reason, this appeases the stubborn part of my brain that is all about anti-compliance.

So, how do I set New Year’s Resolutions? Instead of picking out a couple of things I want to do, I make a sort of bucket list of things I’d like to achieve. This makes it more achievable – even though technically, it’s more work.

In 2023, my list includes:

Make more music

Publish some poetry

Finish writing at least 2 books

Stay on top of my admin

Be kinder to myself and others

Grow something

Right now, these are fairly nebulous goals (apart from the book finishing – that’s fairly cut and dried!). I like it like that. The vaguer they are, the more accomplished I’ll feel when I can record that I’ve completed one of them to a standard I’m happy with. I’m also more likely to work towards them – which means I’ll achieve something, even if it’s not as much as I initially hoped I would.

I want more magic and music in 2023. I’ve started by releasing three songs from my old band, Mexican Deathcap. These are available right now on Spotify. Look out for at least 5 more releases in 2023, including some folk tracks and a couple of originals.

Magically, I want to create a better space for practice, as currently I grab whatever space is free in between everyone else’s commitments. This means I let things slide when what I want is a more consistent, meaningful practice. I’m going to create an outdoor area for when the weather is suitable, and figure something out for when it’s too wet/cold/windy!

Finally, I need to focus on keeping myself healthier: more sleep, better eating, more gentle exercise. There don’t need to be massive changes, just consistent care. I pledged to a Goddess that I would do this, and need to follow through for Her and for myself.

And, of course, I’ll be learning more Icelandic ahead of one of my lads travelling there later this year!

What’s in store for you in 2023?

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