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Not in Bed

I should have put Her back in cot I should have shut My eyes I should have laid In covers hot Instead I stayed And smiled Into tiny sleeping face Into heart, toughness and grace Thinking, ‘This is your place’ My arms, hardly the… Continue Reading “Not in Bed”

In Her Little House

In her little house with the sun streaming Fire not water through the gauze window Eyes squint with smiling and sunshine alike; Beautiful brain from bright face is beaming. Walls are angles; calculus; algebra; Floor to roof trajectory formula Figuring out the right arm… Continue Reading “In Her Little House”

Parenting: Fighting the Boob

Any ideas why babies fight the boob? At first, with Ember (now nearly six weeks old), I thought it was because I was offering food when she really was not hungry, or when she really wanted something else. However, picture the scene: She’s rooting,… Continue Reading “Parenting: Fighting the Boob”