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Reasons to love Autumn…

Certainly the amazing sunrise on the way to work. The entire landscape brushed with gold.  I’m now sitting in my garden, listening to the tiny rustle of invisible creatures, watching a harvest man dashing across the flags, and breathing cool, crisp air with just… Continue Reading “Reasons to love Autumn…”

Lick the Sky

It’s Imbolc And I want to Lick the sky Those fiery stripes Must surely be As sweet as sunrise ice. The blackbird nods Tail bouncing on the wall Of a run down council house. The Honda Prelude that Cuts me up Is a square… Continue Reading “Lick the Sky”


Orange streaking wonder like Across the boards of blue Calling unto you Twanging every string In the guitar of your soul Alto cumulus Herring backed and tickled pink Perfect little lines Framing the moon: An absurdly gorgeous half Smooth and sharply cut A wedge… Continue Reading “Sunrise”