NaPoWriMo site up!

Evening all. I’ve decided to participate in NaPoWriMo. The task is to write a poem every day of April. So there are seven new scribings up on the new site now, which you can find here. Don’t forget to click “Follow” to see all the new poems first. I’ve gone with the theme of nature and the outside world; if nothing else but to encourage the sun and the spring to hurry it along! Here is today’s offering:

Meaning to Garden

I meant to garden today

The sun was bright

The compost soft

The tubs from recycling

Clean and tempting

Tasks that take time

Done in a flash

And friends been and gone

Furniture moved

So nothing left but

The desire to garden.

I meant to garden today

But fatigue pulled at my eyes

Cramped my muscles

And made me sit upon the new sofa

Laze around the house

And eventually fall asleep.

I’m sorry spring day

Though you were cold

You were shiny

And beautiful

And I truly, truly promise

That I meant to garden today.

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