Tiny Light

Tired in the morning
Yawning from the night
Muscles cramped with fever
Strung out from the fight
Leaving bedroom empty
Step into the sun
Clothes, toothpaste and water
Down steps; one by one
Little smile is all it takes
To get me out my funk
Kick out all these crazy blues
Throw out all the junk
Where we going baby?
Going to the park
Going to the playground
Going to make a mark
See some little animals
Palms and cacti too
Hear the water flowing
Just me and little you
Hand in hand we wander
In trees and bricks and lights
Nothing makes me gladder
Than his eyes wide at these sights
Tired in the morning
Tired, happy, in the night
Smiles were forged by tiny hands
My everlasting light.

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