Autumn is coming…

Yes, it’s a blatant take on GoT’s signature slogan, but the drama of winter is a way off (we hope) and I’m loving browsing Pinterest and Tumblr and seeing how excited folks are getting about fall, Halloween and Samhain.

The primary colour is orange, a good thing for one of our boys as it’s his favourite colour! Orange leaves, orange sweets (American candy-corn in particular), pumpkins, clothes and soft, wooly blankets. Sunrise glinting off dew-gems in spider webs. Sunset shimmering bright across purple twilight skies. Marigolds giving way to mushrooms giving way to leafmold and cold, clean nights.

We start to talk about wholesome, hearty meals, such as beef stew with dumplings, or served in a giant Yorkshire pudding. Slow cookers are dusted off, and put to good use.

I’m due to have our baby in November, and as mentioned in previous blogs, am pretty sore and sad with SPD, but I still feel excited in these last days of summer, already brimming over with the promise of autumnal bounty. It’s not quite here yet though. There’s brambling to do first; the bushes outside my house are starting to look as heavy as I , with their black and juicy jewels. 

Limited though my mobility may be, I look forward to the joys of late summer and early autumn with optimism, with two small boys and a large one to help out, there’s no reason why we still can’t have some fun.

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