Help is Not on the Horizon

It was my birthday yesterday. I ended the day by having a big cry. I was a bit in my cups, to be fair, but this morning I sat and analysed why I was feeling so low.

It’s not the isolation. I can cope with that. It’s not spending a birthday in the house with less stuff than usual- that’s quite normal and we had a lovely day. Homemade cards, good food, and even a bottle of gin that the hubby had stashed away at some point.

It’s the sense of abandonment by the government. I found out that even though I am self-employed, because I only became self-employed in March of last year, I don’t qualify for any financial support. There is nothing to help the thousands of freelancers and sole traders who, like me, took a chance or an opportunity to turn their passion into a business. If I’d decided to take that step a year earlier, I would be looking forward to some financial aid in June to make up for all the many, many lost clients who can’t stay open during this crisis or who have had to cut costs dramatically.

I called the official government helpline for businesses (if you need it, it’s 0300 456 3565) and was told: “To be brutally honest, you won’t get any support.” Wow.

I’ve applied for universal credit. Fingers crossed. In the meantime, if you know anyone who needs some high-quality content writing for their business, I’m ready and waiting!

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