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Today wasn’t quite as I expected it to be. I thought we’d all get up early, get breakfast, burn some calories with Joe Wicks then settle down to some Purple Mash or fractions and be done by early afternoon.

Instead, everyone slept in. However, as everyone was surprisingly good at bedtime the night before, the promised incentive of pancakes was delivered, making for a long and leisurely brunch. The sun came out so we sacked YouTube off and ran around in the garden. One boy sulked because he was convinced the other boy was “cheating” at doing laps. The other boy did five extra laps, making it a moot point.

By this point it was nearly lunch time, so one did Purple Mash which wouldn’t work and kept saying he hadn’t done stuff, while the other did some fractions work that seemed akin to quantum mechanics.

Post-sandwich, one boy needed to practice piano, but was so exhausted by this point that everything was a struggle. Cue lots of hugs and affirmations. After this we sacked everything off and had spag bol and garlic bread.

They definitely didn’t get as much done as they would have done at school, but both of us big folks are working too, and the smallest person was being entertained amongst all of this, so I’m pretty proud of everyone and pretty hopeful. If every day goes “wrong” in the way today has, I think we’ll all be okay. Phew!

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