Willingly Isolated

Day 12 of being in the house and practicing proper social distancing. Day 8 of full isolation due to symptoms. Day 5 of UK lockdown.

I got really emotional this morning. No idea why. I have so much to do, so many tasks to be done. Yet I suddenly felt useless, worthless; depression reading it’s ugly head.

But it’s not because I’m isolated. In fact, as I mentioned to a friend earlier, in some ways I’d be happy to wait this whole thing out without ever leaving the luxurious confines of my house (not actually luxurious) and back garden (pretty nice, thanks hubby). The actions of others who refuse to social distance or even take the epidemic seriously genuinely scare me. I don’t want to put my hands on a supermarket trolley that’s been coughed over by a symptomatic individual who refused to stay home. I don’t want to risk someone pushing past me to get to the butter, as happened to a friend yesterday. I don’t want to have someone cough in my face or watch them cough over the fresh produce, as one of my siblings witnessed the other day. It frightens me.

But there are so many people doing good things, wonderful things. Neil Gaiman has given everyone free rein to use his work for online videos. LeVar Burton has taken this permission and run with it.

The Pagan Federation is putting something online for the community every single day- an impressive feat! Today is a huge online discussion about symbolism, spread across four PF groups. Plus, there’s a chance to win some fabulous Moon Books prizes. Thanks to everyone doing wonderful things.

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