Writing for Change

Covid-19 U.K. lockdown day 4, self isolation day 7, social distancing day 11; I think. Starting to lose track now!

This blog post is slightly self-indulgent, but I think we all deserve a little self-indulgence from time to time! I’ve been going through my accounts carefully to try and get my finances in order. As a freelance writer, this has meant going back over the paid work I’ve done over the past year. I’ve been delighted to rediscover some of the topics I’ve covered, which include:

  • Environmentally friendly green facades and living walls
  • How animals improve mood
  • Musicians like Yvette Landry who do amazing things for their local communities
  • Articles for adult websites which are sex positive for all genders and make a point to include the LGBTQA+ readers
  • Nutrition articles which avoid focusing on weight or body shape

I hope that by choosing to write on these topics, in a positive and inclusive way, I’m encouraging readers to be more positive and inclusive too. It might only be a small change in a big world, but I felt like giving myself a little pat on the back for any impact I may have had.

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