COVID-19 So Far

I’ve been meaning to keep a bit of a journal because in years to come, I’ll want to look back and remember what was going on now. If I don’t write it down, the anxiety and constant dealing with stuff will wash away the memories I’m keen to keep.

We’re on day 9 of social distancing, because we decided to take the boys out of school before they closed because of lung issues which makes one of them more at risk.

We’re on day 5 of isolation, because one of the boys started coughing – scary times. He’s ok, we think, but still coughing so we’re being super careful about quarantine.

And, like the rest of the country, we’re now on day 2 of lockdown. My thoughts are with those who will really struggle with this, due to those in the home with them, mental health issues, or through genuine isolation i.e. not having anyone to help out and no way to get to the shops or pharmacy. I hope that everyone gets the support they need. We can’t get food delivered as everywhere is booked up or simply not doing it right now, but we were lucky enough to have friends drop stuff on our doorstep before the lockdown came into effect. We won’t break our isolation until the 14 days is up as I refuse to put others at risk. I can only hope that others in self-isolation have the support they need to get through this.

Brighter thoughts: today is sunny. The toddler and I have been in the garden. It was noisy and quiet; no traffic, no background car noise, very few planes. But bees, birds, butterflies galore. A wondrous symphony of nature. It was the first time I’d left the house in nearly a week. I definitely feel better for it. I know my body will appreciate the vitamin D!

I’ve been writing, making jam, making bread, and doing an awful lot of washing up. I’ve washed my hands until they’re red and sore, but found some decent hand cream in the cupboard, so they’re on the mend.

I’ve called creditor after creditor and had payment holidays arranged. If you need to do this, tell them you’re struggling financially because of COVID-19/Coronavirus and many are already set up to provide this help.

I said to a sibling earlier today, I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already, it’s gone so fast, but also, I can’t believe it’s only Wednesday, this week has lasted a year already. I feel like it’s a surreal dream state we’re floundering in. I need to stop treading water and swim to the shore, but I’m not exactly sure what that means. I know I want to write more, read more, make music, but I have so many emails and calls to make… Like many others, I’m trying not to let it overwhelm me.

2 Comments on “COVID-19 So Far

  1. I’m keeping a blog as a diary too for exactly the same reason. This will all be over one day and I really don’t want to forget it all. For some reason records of this time seem important. I also agree about the time passing quickly, I was blogging about us having new restrictions and thought it was 4 days previously, turned out only to be the day before. Stay safe and well

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