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Taken from Notes from a Gentle Heart…

…is a wonderful review of my book, A Modern Celt: Seeking the Ancestors. Laura Perry tells us in her own words what she thought of it. Thanks Laura, glad you enjoyed it!

Coming Home to Mouldy Guacamole

I almost wish it were A metaphor for death; decay! Instead you’ll be surprised To hear me say That coming home to Mouldy guacamole Holy moley! Guacamole! Is actually a measure Of my happiness My pleasure Green and lumpy Like it should be Now…

Hopelessly Tangled

Whilst clearing out my handbag, amidst the tobacco dust and tissues were two of my favourite necklaces, tangled beyond recognition as two separate items. I pulled at the chains gently, but was unsure where to start. ‘This is my life’, I thought, depressively. Yes,…

Vernal Equinox 2014

May you find balance in your life, on this day when light equals dark. Feel the joy of the spring’s return, as a warm glow inside.

Writing Therapy

I find writing a wonderful coping mechanism. If in doubt, write it out! Poems, songs, even random ramblings all help me put my thoughts into some kind of order; left to their own devices, they squabble and have no pecking order, but on the…

Spring in Burntwood (3)

And strange little holes that had to be investigated with torches. This one, formed by part of an ancient pipe, held about a dozen snails, sheltering from the sunny spell.