The Things that People Say

He says you are one of a kind
I frown and agree
He frowns and looks away
The words are the same
But on very different pages.
She says you’re the most together
Person that I know
I laugh and table slap
She’s shaking her head
Reading the epilogue slowly.
Doctor says try these tablets then
I frown and agree
She smiles and looks away
Work is done today
False gratitude on my dry lips.
Work says no underlying cause
I could get better
I frown and scan the floor
Like this is my fault
Like I wouldn’t flip that ‘off’ switch.
She says I know just how you feel
I hope that you don’t
Hope you don’t feel crippled
By your mind alone
By your own lapsing, leaking brain.
He says you are one of a kind,
Struggling with this
Depressed and so anxious
I really am, I feel
One of a kind, only, alone.

Mabh Savage 2013

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