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Who’d be a writer?

Put this pen to paper Take it back Make it crack Spill the ink Like blood Sign my life away Sign my soul To the devil In the details. Advertisements

NaPoWriMo: A Veteran’s Guide

My thoughts, hints and tips on successfully completing NaPoWriMo, written for the Pagan Federation Disabilities Team. Read it here.

Must a Man

Ten parts water One part gin Three parts angel One part sin 5 and a half quarts Ruby red 100,000 hairs One brain, one head One dash of anxiety Drawn at night One dream One fright One ‘it’s alright’ Two arms to hold Hold…

The Wedding

I married The old stone wall Hidden behind The rhododendrons I found it When the snow Angel coloured lead Bowed the branches White flakes For my veil We borrowed The blue Sky, old And new And stood in front Of ourselves No witnesses.


I’ve been doing some work for a company that splits all its jobs into microtransactions. It’s a new way of working for me. You don’t focus on what went before, or what comes after; you just literally focus on the job that is in…


I was looking for a specific piece of work from 2012 when I came across this. I’m not sure what was happening the day I wrote this but clearly I was in a good mood! My description of how happiness exists within us and…


Recognising that today isn’t always a happy day. Not everyone is filled with joy remembering their ancestors or loved ones. Sometimes the veil being thin and opening up lets through memories that can stir up great clouds of emotion we might rather not face,…