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Who’d be a writer?

Put this pen to paper Take it back Make it crack Spill the ink Like blood Sign my life away Sign my soul To the devil In the details. Advertisements


Flappy, happy scrap of night Black against blue Joyous in flight Like me you love The warm twilight.


Lit so blue A hue Of happiness No less No stress There’s mess But we don’t care Grab hair Share the Ouches Slouches on a Sunday Me and baby Out in the sun Two that were one Better this way.

Spring Storm

Picture was taken in the middle of the night, the light is from lightning alone. Heat and light and fight! Spars strike at stars Scars cut the sky As lightning flies And cuts and fries The crowding clouds Clamouring for more Rain beats the…

Chemical Wonderful

He says Chemical Fresh My eyes widen What a term A germ Of genius Genuine wonder At spring’s youth We blunder Through each day Crazy and way Out of line But smell that Chemical wonder Tear me asunder With laughter Tears And pollen.

The Optimist Haiku

The bottle is full Of air, of liquid; of dreams; Possibilities.

The Language of Weather

I speak in raindrops Wet and wild Whipping tears To join me But sometimes Pitter pattering On tent walls Soothing Dream like Tiny heartbeats. I wail in wind Tornado tantrums Testy twister Throwing; hurling Except sometimes I take a kite Gently, expertly Earth To…

NaPoWriMo: A Veteran’s Guide

My thoughts, hints and tips on successfully completing NaPoWriMo, written for the Pagan Federation Disabilities Team. Read it here.

Close Circuit Life

White noise Light Screaming Electric whine AC/DC buzz Hum, hymn to Sweat and blood And tears Not fairs Grey hairs And loop And glitch Switch White noise Broken toys Nameless joys Extended scenes And screams And dreams Grey hairs From scares And truth Or…

If he ruled the world…

If he ruled the world Celebrity vloggers would Always tweet back Staying up all night Would be good for you Books could be Read in the dark Screen time would just be Time There would be No shouting No fussing No stressing No rushing…

Must a Man

Ten parts water One part gin Three parts angel One part sin 5 and a half quarts Ruby red 100,000 hairs One brain, one head One dash of anxiety Drawn at night One dream One fright One ‘it’s alright’ Two arms to hold Hold…

Just One Taste

That little, sweet sound As she latches on; Pure satisfaction Simple contentment Though I give her But one taste A single flavour Of sustenance She is so grateful And happy And thus Sustains me.