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Comes with a Warning

Wash dark feelings separately Press the red button Max head room uncertain Unauthorised access forbidden Stand clear of the line If you can see Where it is. Advertisements

Eyes Closed

Black Velvet Streamed with red Tiny light Gone.

The Call

White treasure, petals bright Fall from high to small Hands and fingers, softly lands Adoration; springtime’s call.


Waves of pleasure Olfactory lust Nasal pollination Vernal must Musky, heady Trance inducing Moving, ready, Rain drops sluicing Founts of heaven Sensation heavy Petrichor bomb Blossom so heady The smell of spring The scented air The cherry, apple Plum and pear Hawthorn coming Spikes…

Someone’s Narcissistic Best Friend

I Am A cut Above All other Gemstones All other Jewels Bow To I


Without thought I tug on Black pants Red socks Black border “Toxic!” On the side Tight jeans Black boots Red motif Comedy T Line my eyes Laughing In the glass At my red black Jean clad ass There could be Such a thing As…

Take me to the Ocean

Waiting by the ocean Waiting by the shore Clouds are hanging, cloaking Sunlight, grey and raw. Beach lies glinting wetly Tide breaks like a sigh Pebbles crackling, crunching ‘Neath the slate tile sky Winkles, whelks and starfish Rays and sprays and gulls Bladderwrack and…

Soteira: The Song

A while ago I wrote a poem as part of a devotional month of work undertaken by many devotees of Hekate. Titled Soteira, I always intended to turn it into a song, however the poetic structure didn’t quite fit with the music that came…

Not in Bed

I should have put Her back in cot I should have shut My eyes I should have laid In covers hot Instead I stayed And smiled Into tiny sleeping face Into heart, toughness and grace Thinking, ‘This is your place’ My arms, hardly the…

Who’d be a writer?

Put this pen to paper Take it back Make it crack Spill the ink Like blood Sign my life away Sign my soul To the devil In the details.


Flappy, happy scrap of night Black against blue Joyous in flight Like me you love The warm twilight.


Lit so blue A hue Of happiness No less No stress There’s mess But we don’t care Grab hair Share the Ouches Slouches on a Sunday Me and baby Out in the sun Two that were one Better this way.