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Bread and Boats

My mum is an artisan baker and her bread is proving very popular today. The red pepper, sage and olive rolls are particularly delicious… and vegan! Apperley Bridge Marina Charity Day, raising money for Martin House. Advertisements

Apperley Bridge Marina Charity Day

I’m very chuffed to have a stall at Saturday’s charity event at Apperley Bridge Marina! I’ll be taking my books, jewellery and other items, and I’ll be sharing my space with an artisan baker and the artist who did the cover art for my…

The Baker

Doughy warmth and rising Yeasty goodness drifting Longingly through the house Luring family back From their endeavours To the kitchen Asking what it is What’s that smell Home and love And dreams of full bellies Time taken, effort, Achievement and completion Some just starting,…